State Highway 14 (West Highway 190) Frontage Property

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Property lease suitable for Bank Branch/Annex

The only banking annex (National United Bank) on State Highway 14 (West Highway 190) was in Kempner which was deactived three years ago; after that currently there are no banking facilities West of intersection FM 2657 and State Highway 14 (West Highway) Copperas Cove bypass -- the small bank annex in Kempner was readily available to traffic East of Kempner. In addition to typical traffic flow from Lampasas and Kempner there is heavy traffic volume East of Kempner from communities off FM 2808, CR4808, CR4804, CR254, CR255 and particularly Big Divide Road, and soon from the "The Valley of Great Hills Development Project" described here, is currently in the 1st developement Phase ; and another single family housing development project described below makes this proposed location an ideal High-Visibility Preferred Frontage Property for a bank annex.

Also planned are development of 49 Acres of low Density and Medium Residential Units East of the Hill bordering the Proposed Bank Annex property. Additionally there are developement plans for Upper-Scale estate homes for the top of the hill.

panoramic  view


landscape bank annex illustration


photos of 190 frontage

The Panoramic View illustration depicts the recent developments in progress for the immediate area of this property for lease. The west side vicinity, according to comments from the Copperas Cove Public Relations Office, is going to be "booming."

This Bank annex graphic depicts a small bank annex typically found in Harker Heights, Killeen, and Copperas with perfectly adequate property dimensions to accommodate one.

      The Frontage View of the property for a small bank annex or branch on the South side of State Highway 14 (West Highway 190) in Copperas Cove just a mile from the beginning of the Copperas Cove bypass on intersection of Highway 190 and FM 2657. The property is located West of and between Phil's Paint and Body Shop and Jimmy Clark Property which is "The Valley of Great Hills Development Project" location.
      This location is business-strategically ideal for the ever increasing traffic volume from the direction of Lampasas, Kempner, and the up-scale family housing on Big Divide Road. This highway frontage property is on the right side or South of State Highway 14 (West Highway 190) ; perfect for conducting banking business enroute to work in Copperas Cove, Fort Hood, Killeen, Harker Heights, and etc.. Currently most casual or routine banking business with banks in Copperas Cove is no longer a convenient "swing by on my way to work" because of the bypass highway.
      It's my opinion that the small bank annex that currently located in Kempner, would definitely get more exposure and business if it was now located further East of Big Divide Road, thus also capitalizing on the traffic that would incorporate more traffic from Farm to Market roads, Big Divide road and soon the residents from The Valley of Great Hills Project.
      Current emphasis is placed on an ongoing major construction developments occurring soon: of significance is a family housing and retail development project (The Valley of Great Hills) moving forward, contiguous to this property; this is defined in illustrations, explanations, and citing recent news (economic development corporation-EDC) affecting potential construction in immediate area.
      The property's size dimensions depicted here is approximately 150 feet x 180 feet. This size was viable for this bank annex for over 35 years.
      The frontage property promoted here meets and can exceed the physical dimensions of a small bank annex or branch illustrated and used as an example here. The frontage lease width is 200 feet x a depth of 200 feet or more if required ( total tract depth is 1800 feet). Actual width is 378 feet, but only 200 of that is for the lease - I am flexible on this. Consider that the bank annex example I am using here was only 150 feet x 180 feet. There are no structures on the property now. Leasing entity will have to construct the structure -- a temporary or semi - permanent. The property is zoned commercial B-5. The utilities infrastructure service is in place now with a commercial 6 inch sewer connection, a water connection, and power electrical lines on the property. I will accept a leasing contract for this property now.

I will entertain a property retainer contract to hold the property for an agreed period or modified proposals deviating from this original plan. I can be contacted my e-mail at;

. A Water Main line and a 6 inch commercial sewer line has recently been installed along Highway 190 on this property; this is conjunction with the of Valley of Great Hills Housing development Project moving forward that was initially suspended in 2008 and currently moving forward to provide the infrastructure for a 350 Single-family housing, a 20 Acre Multi-family housing project, and 45 Acres of Commercial Retail along State Highway 14 (West Highway 190) .

Strategic location
High Traffic flow from Lampasas, Kempner, and Big Divide Road
Lease Property infrastructure in place
Water Line
Two sided Two Panel (four total) Bill Board sign contigous to property.
Major Highway visibility
On The south side

Recent Development News impacting banking business along the highway frontage:

Major Housing and Commercial Development
Valley of Great Hills Housing Development Project
Continuation of Big Divide Road housing Development:
Big Divide Road housing Development; more residential single family-house development planned contingent on near-future CISD land annexation of LISD in discussion (see: Killeen Herald article on 18 May, 2016, section A5)
Lease Property infrastructure in place
Water Line
Major Highway visibility
On The south side or right side traveling East

Frontage Lease Property Size: Section of Approximately 3 Frontage Acres Frontage Width: Approximately 400 feet West to East Depth: Approximately 300 feet, South to North Location: Property is located 2 Miles West of Copperas Cove on Hwy 190, on the West side of Phil's Paint& Body Shop. Property Facts: A third of this frontage property could accommodate a viable, small convenience bank for transient vehicle banking business. Note; The entire property tract is 16.5 Acres. The Highway Frontage area discussed here is Commercially Zoned B-5 and the depth is 8 acres.

As stated above currently the Valley of Great Hills Project Development moving forward with the city infrastructure in place.
Lampasas LISD Taylor Creek Elementary school is on Big Divide Road.
There has been discussions recently of an annexation or as part of CCISD. If I recall correctly, it was in the May 18 Killeen Herald this year, along with the article about a projected family housing development nearby on Big Divide Road. The improved Big Divide Road is another area that is rapidly growing with continued development with upper-scale homes.

The following is a "Distribution List" of the different bank entities I have provided a hard copy to, whom I felt would have a vested interest in their near future expansion or growth.

National Banks of Central Texas, First State Bank of Central Texas, First Texas Bank, First National Bank, Extraco Banks, First State Bank of Central Texas, Union State Bank